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Beaches in Kelowna

The beautiful beaches in Kelowna come to life during the summer months with locals and tourists alike, absorbing the beauty the city and the lake front have to offer.

Hot Sands Beach KelownaHotsands Beach: Hotsands Beach in City Park is probably one of Kelowna's most spectacular assets. Beach volleyball, concerts, Centre of Gravity, car shows, street venders, a kids park and entertainers are just some of the activities you'll see on any given summer day downtown. There's a board walk that will take through City Park to the bottom of Bernard avenue where the “Sails Statue” and Kerry Park are situated. Past Kerry Park is the new Kelowna Yacht Club building and one of the largest yacht harbours in Canada. The Grand Hotel has a unique lock system to enter into their own lagoon for their guests and owners.

Tugboat Bay: Tugboat Bay sits just around a grassy knoll on the city boardwalk and offers a very sheltered bay with a beautiful sandy beach, washrooms, food services and a small concert bowl near by.

Sutherland Park: Sutherland Park sits at the north end of the city right below Knox Mountain. It's next to the mill and has quite large grassy area, picnic tables, benches, playground and a shallow sandy shoreline. A protected swimming area makes it popular for the young families.

Paul's Tomb Beach KelownaPaul's Tomb: Paul's Tomb is a healthy 20 minute walk from the bottom of Knox Mountain along the Okanagan Lake shoreline to a really nice protected bay. Rambler Paul, one of the area’s original settlers, had a tomb built for his beloved wife and himself that sits just up and back from the beach.

SOUTH: To the “South” of City Park you'll find a lot of small beach accesses along Abbott St. towards the Mission and southern Lakeshore Rd.

Strathcona Park: Strathcona Park sits right next to the Kelowna General Hospital, that has a great beach area with a family swimming area, playground, washrooms and a nice grassy area with shade, picnic tables and benches.

Kinsman Park: Kinsman Park is just south on Abbott street, that has a nice sandy beach with protected swimming area, washrooms, playground, tennis courts all on a level, well shaded grassy park.

Gyro Beach: Gyro Beach is the next sandy beach south on Lakeshore Ave. This is one of Kelowna's busiest beaches with a long sandy beach, a designated swimming area, watersports rentals, boardwalk, washrooms, playground, volleyball, concessions and lots of grass with tables and benches.

Rotary Beach: Rotary Beach is the local launch area for most of the kiteboarders and windsurfers in Kelowna. The beach is sandy with nicely covered shady areas for those hot summer days. It also has washrooms, swimming area, picnic tables and benches.

Sarsons Beach: Sarsons Beach is at the corner of Sarsons Rd and Hobson Rd and enjoys beautiful clear waters with a sandy beach and a little rockier water line. It has a swimming area, washrooms, shade picnic tables and benches.

Cedar Creek Beach: Cedar Creek Beach sits below Cedar Creek Vineyards with ample parking and a short walk to the beach. The shoreline is a little rockier out the southern end of Lakeshore Rd. This a quieter beach sitting a ways out from the city centre. This was once known as Beausejour Beach or the more common name would be Kelowna's “Nude Beach”. This is also a “dog friendly” beach.

Bertram Creek Beach KelownaBertram Creek Beach: Bertram Creek Beach sits on the shoreline of “Bertram Creek Park” is a well groomed grassy areas and hiking trails, hosts many events like marriages, family gatherings and barbecues. The beach is sandy with a small dock to load and unload onto the beach from your boat but no moorage. There is a rocky point to climb, jump or just hang out on. It also has a roped off swimming area, shade trees, washrooms, picnic tables and benches.

WESTSIDE: On the “Westside” of Okanagan Lake you'll find a host of beaches from north of Fintry Provincial Park, to the south all the way to Penticton. Whether you want to find a secluded beach for a swim, hike or just pull off to the side of Hwy 97n for a quick dip in the lake or a snack with a view to die for.

Old Ferry Docks Beach: Old Ferry Docks Beach is where the old ferry (Fintry Queen) used to take cars from the westside of the lake to the other side to Kelowna which is located at the end of Bernard Ave. There is a small rocky beach located here and remnants of the old timbered docks.

Bear Creek Provincial Park Beach KelownaBear Creek Provincial Campsite: There is a rocky shoreline-beach surrounding this beautiful campground (boat launch permanently closed), campsites, washrooms, picnic tables and benches with a designated swimming area. Across Westside Road is a challenging hike that will take you up to a scenic waterfall.

Raymer Bay Beach: Raymer Bay is located along Westside Road before you reach the log booms and Bear Creek Park. Its slopping grass heads down to a sandy beach with a rocky shoreline situated in a protected cove popular with the boaters for overnight mooring. There's picnic tables, benches, covered area, washrooms and ample parking.

Traders Cove Regional Marine Park: This Park has 2 beaches with a small point separating both. There is a covered picnic area with tables, benches, grassy areas, sandy beaches with a rockier shoreline. This is also where the local Paragliders like to land after launching from Blue Grouse Mt standing right behind.

Kalamoir Beach KelownaKalamoir Park: Kalamoir Park's beach has a long rocky shoreline with a pebble beach and lots of shade trees, picnic tables, washrooms and benches. This is “dog friendly” beach with some great hiking trails located throughout the park.

Marjorie Pritchard Park: Located on Pritchard Drive just off of Boucherie Road, this beach has a great swimming area, playground, dock, volleyball, picnic tables, benches and washrooms. The beach area has the large round rock shoreline consistent with all the Westside shoreline.

Paddlewheel Park: This small beach is also located on Pritchard Drive with a nicely manicured shaded area including benches and swimming area.

Gellatly Bay: Gellatly Bay is named after one of West Kelowna's earliest settlers and hosts a number of beaches and parks along its manicured corridor of shade tree gardens and pathways.

CNR Wharf / Gellatly Aquatic ParkCNR Wharf/ Gellatly Aquatic Park: This is the centre piece of a historic hub where the old paddlewheelers and later generation tug/barges would shuttle early settlers into the Okanagan and then in the later years export a lot of the produce that helped West Kelowna (Westbank) establish itself in early 1900's. Part of the old CNR wharf has been kept and integrated into this marine park and will be expanded for the summer of 2014.

Gellatly Dog Beach: One of the few dog friendly beaches, this park setting sits between the CNR Wharf and Rotary Park along the Gellatly beach boardwalk. There's a few picnic tables and benches with washrooms located close by in Rotary Park.

Rotary Park: Rotary Park is at the north end of the corridor with some parking, a swimming beach, grassy area, picnic tables, benches and washrooms.

Willow Beach: Willow Beach is centred around the Powers Creek point and the boat launch. The Gellatly boardwalk passes through this park which includes parking, shaded picnic areas, benches, washrooms, volleyball and a beautiful sandy beach area with some of the old willows drooping down for some great shade in the hot months.

Marina Park: Marina Park is situated just south of the Westbank Yacht Club and boat launch along the Gellatly boardwalk. They have a few covered picnic areas along with picnic tables and benches for great family outings with washrooms, playground and a well groomed grassy areas overlooking a sandy beach and Okanagan Lake.

Gellatly Landing Park: Another beach front park sits just north of the Cove Hotel near the south end of the Gellatly boardwalk. This small park has a pebble beach with benches and a groomed lawn area.

Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park: This well shaded historic park has been taken over by the Regional district trying to preserve some of the heritage of the early years of Westbank. They still operate a working nut farm with a heritage home, log cabin, playground, washrooms and a beautiful beach and pebble shore. This park is well worth checking out.

Pebble Beach: Pebble Beach is at the end of Whitworth road with a level lawn area down to a sandy beach and pebble shore, picnic tables with a portable latrine. The shoreline to the south is a great hike when the lake is not too high.


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